Top 5 Tips for Better Resistance Band Workouts

Top 5 Tips for Better Bands Workouts

So you bought a band kit and you're eager to start using it... but is this the right way, and how is it going to impact your workout?

Resistance bands are highly versatile tools available in varying resistance levels.

Choosing the right band for your fitness level will be crucial when trying to achieve results with each workout.

Tips for Better Bands Workouts

Resistance Band Tips

1. Get the Right Kit.

Not all resistance band sets are created equal, so choose one that best suits you. Think about which band levels will be suitable for your workout plan and your fitness level. Some bands come with different handles or anchor points to fit the user's style. If unsure of an exact kit, most instructors sell band kits in bulk, usually with a free exercise guide.

2. Start Low and Gradually Build Up Resistance.

It's important to choose the appropriate band level for your current fitness levels or needs. Choosing too high of resistance can lead to injuries, so it's essential to gradually increase your load as you progress towards your goals. There are varying degrees of resistance, and it's best to start at the lowest level.

3. Gain Experience with Resistance Bands.

Typically, bands increase in resistance according to their width and thickness, so proper technique is essential during any exercise. For example, a thicker band will be more challenging than a thinner one – so ensure you're choosing the appropriate level for your experience. With time, you'll gain the necessary experience to know how to properly use resistance bands to maximize your workout.

4. Stick with it!

With some practice, using a band is actually more versatile than having access to a gym or equipment, so stick with this simple yet effective fitness tool and you're sure to see results.

5. Use a Partner.

When using a resistance band for the first time, many people find it advantageous to have a fitness partner or instructor present. This will ensure that you're able to choose an appropriate level and get started with the right technique from the beginning.


Resistance bands can be used to provide low-impact resistance for any user, regardless of age or fitness level.

They are perfect training tools for people looking to increase their strength at home or on the go, with multiple levels of resistance available in one simple package.

Ensure you choose the right resistance band and focus on technique as you exercise, so you can continue to improve your strength and fitness.