The Best Squat Workout for a Well-Rounded Butt

The Best Squat Workout for a Well-Rounded Glutes

We all want a nice bum, and there is nothing more classic than the squat. There are so many variations to do squats it can be quite daunting. So we shall show you a great all-rounder that hits your bum and legs.

How to promote glute activation?

The glutes are the muscle group that should be doing most of the work in a squat, but often other muscles take over. Weak or inactive glutes can be a big factor in back pain, so it's important to get them fired.

To activate the glutes, squeeze your bum muscles together tightly. It's almost like you're stopping yourself from urinating. You should feel this in the glute and the muscle close to where your leg joins your body.

Now, you can practically feel which muscles are working in a squat.

If your butt is almost completely relaxed, you should use more weight. The glutes should be doing most of the work in a squat.

Keep your chest up and focus on pushing more through your heels rather than your toes. Take the pressure off the ball of your foot and place it on your heels. If your toes are doing all the work, you'll over-stretch and lose strength.

A solid foundation is a key to good squats. You should be able to control your back, core, and glutes. Now you're ready for the workout!

One thing to take note of when doing squats is to always keep your back straight and chest out. This will help prevent injury and you look like a fool.

How to promote glute activation?

Squat Workout for a Well-Rounded Butt

Here is the workout:

20 reps Air squats 10 each leg

10 reps Sumo squat lunges (squat down then jump your legs apart into a lunge)

10 reps Squat with leg lift

25 reps Donkey kicks (Lift one knee up as high as possible and switch legs.) Then hold it for 2 seconds. So, that's one rep! Do 25 of those. Make sure you really squeeze at the top! Hold onto your bum if you need to to make sure it doesn't lift off with the lift too much :)

8 reps Squats and twist (Hold arms out next to ears and twist from side to side as you squat down. It is a more intense exercise so make sure your weight stays on your heels and not the balls of your feet!)

8 reps Squat with calf raises (Hold dumbbells in your hands and do the normal squat then at the top, push off onto your tiptoes then slowly return to starting position.)

8 reps Jump squats (Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Squat down and jump up as high as you can. )

8 reps Butt blaster (Hop from side to side with a medicine ball between your legs.)

Final Thoughts

That workout should take about 30 minutes depending on how fast you go. This is a great full-body workout that will hit every muscle group! I hope this motivates you all to give it a try.

Do that workout three times a week with rest times in between each set.

Remember, always keep your back straight and chest out!

Please feel free to comment below if you have any queries etc :)