Butt lifters: What Are Butt Lifters, How Do Butt Lifters Work, and More

Butt lifters: What Are Butt Lifters, How Do Butt Lifters Work, and More

Butt lifters are used to lift up the buttock region of a tight garment. They can be found in different shapes and sizes and are made with different materials like plastic, silicone, or metal.

What Are Butt Lifters?

Butt lifters are a type of weightlifting equipment that is used to lift and support the buttock area.

There are different types of butt lifters, but all of them have the same purpose - to provide support for the lower back and thighs. They are also used as part of a training regimen for those who want to tone their butt and thighs.

The first type is a simple steel bar that has been bent into an arch shape, with one arm at each end. The second type is a padded bar with handles at each end, which can be adjusted in height so it can fit any body size.

How Do Butt Lifters Work?

Butt lifters are a type of weightlifting machine that helps to strengthen the glute muscles. Butt lifters are also known as glute hamsters or glute-hammies.

The butt lifter is a type of weightlifting machine that helps to strengthen the glute muscles. It is also known as a glute-hammies or a Glute Hamster.

The machine has an adjustable seat, which allows you to set your own starting point for the exercise and adjust the resistance accordingly.

What Are Butt Lifters & How Do They Work?

Types of Butt Lifters

These butt lifters use tighter or more elastic fabric to gather butt volume and shape it effectively. They offer a complete cheek coverage and since are made of lightweight fabric they show off your rear without making it flat.

Some of them are designed using the same fabric all over while others provide additional elasticity or stitching that is strategically put in some sections for better compression and lift.

Butt Lifter Boxer Style

These butt lifters are made with cutouts in the backside and while they might seem strange at the first glance, once you put them on, you will realize that they work amazing for your butt cheeks.

They are strategically constructed in a way that allows them to collect butt muscles in one place and lift them up using their supportive stretch material. This enhances butt volume in all the right places.

The cut-out backside leaves the round part of butt cheeks uncovered with no fabric compressing down flat and downsizing your butt volume. 

Butt Lifter Capri Style

These butt lifters will not only shape your thighs and legs and lift your bottom but also will help you lose those undesirable love handles and flabby waist sections.

The firm waistband prevents it from rolling down keeping everything in place. Made of thin light fabric that makes it invisible under clothing. They often come with a latex panel that activates body heat that helps you lose inches in a more efficient way. 

Butt Lifter Bodysuit Style

Body lifter bodysuit slims the tummy, waist, thighs, and hips while providing a nice lift for the buttocks. This style often comes with adjustable straps that provide support, easy fit, and more flexibility.

Butt Lifter Full Bodysuit Style

These butt lifter full bodysuit shapers sculpt your figure through the hips, waist, and thighs while enhancing the rear in a subtle way. They are often made of compression material that controls adiposities in these sections and provides comfort for a more flattering look.

Butt Lifter Exposed Butt Cheeks

These butt lifters work both as a compressive body shaper and as a smoothness enhancer. They eliminate back bulges and rolls, muffin tops, and love handles, but most of all they give your rear an instant lift. 

Butt Lifter Covered Butt Cheeks

These butt lifters will minimize your waist, give your tummy a toned look, shape-up your hips, and thighs, and instantly lift your rear.

Besides these beauty-shaping benefits, these butt lifters bring many health benefits such as improved back posture and a pleasant feel of comfort. 

How do I Choose Which Butt Lifter Gives Me the Curves I Desire?

There are many butt lifters that claim they will give you bigger curves, but only a few of them actually work as promised.

To find out which are the best butt lifters, you need to know what you're actually looking for: Are you trying to lift your rear-end an entire two inches, or are you simply looking for a little extra curve? If it's the latter, then silicone cushions will be perfect for you as they come in different colors and you can even customize them by adding a few gold studs.

If, on the other hand, you're looking to lift your rear-ended more than an inch or two, then try butt lifters that include hip pads as well because these will give your hips the much-needed curve too. There are also different types of hip pads, some of which include foam while others are made out of silicone.

Silicone padding is the most recommended because it's lightweight and very easy to clean.

How Can I Wear My Butt Lifter?

Butt lifters go best with tight jeans or pants because this will make your rear-end look bigger than it actually is. And, while you might think wearing a butt lifter with tight pants may be uncomfortable, the opposite is true: You will never feel more comfortable than when you're wearing your butt lifter along with jeans.

Pants that are light and breathable such as leggings or skinny jeans can also be worn with butt lifters. However, keep in mind that you should wear them with pants or jeans that are tight.

Even though butt lifters go best with skin-tight clothing, you can still wear your butt lifter underneath looser clothes such as skirts and dresses if you want to achieve a more curvaceous body without anyone realizing it. You can then adjust your rear-end by wearing looser clothes on top of your butt lifter.


Butt lifters can be worn with pretty much anything provided you wear them underneath something tight, preferably jeans or pants. They're perfect for people who are looking to enhance their rear ends without having to go under the knife. While they may not completely change your figure, they will certainly make it look much better.